SG Organics

Previously I made a list of stores that provide organic farm box delivery services in Singapore. If you have missed this post you can read it from here.

I wanted to try the farm box from the new store SG Organics so I’ve ordered a fruit box and a salad box.
Since they are new and still in the process of adjusting their delivery time table I wasn’t sure when it will be delivered.
I did see they usually delivery to my area on Wednesday so I expected the box to be delivered to me on the third week of March on Wednesday, which is a week after my order was placed.

The very next day I received an email from SG Organics informing me that only orders processed by Friday can be included for the next week delivery. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered two weeks after the order date. Since my order was placed on Sunday it can only be delivered to me two weeks later.
I had a flight to catch to go back to Japan in two weeks so no one will be at home on the delivery date.

I was a little disappointed that delivery is only after two weeks as I was excited to receive yummy organic goodies from them.(°_°)
So I contacted SG Organics to share my concern and asked if the delivery can be rescheduled when I am back on the second week of April.

They kindly agreed to reschedule my delivery. Further more they have also apologized for the inconvenience and offered small portions of complimentary fruits and vegetables to be delivered to me this week.
I was not home to receive the goods myself however my family member who answered the door said two friendly ladies delivered the bag. I’m guessing these are the two ladies behind the SG Organics which means they have personally came over to deliver the bag. I was touched by their effort to provide the best possible service. It would have been lovely to meet them.
Now a days us customers are expected to call the toll free number and get in the line to speak to the operator (who can possibly end up not helping at all) to resolve the issue.20130314-202949.jpg
I have not experienced such an organic service in Singapore for a very long time. SG Organics is truly organic both in their products and services!

Kudos to SG Organics♡

I can’t wait to be back from Japan to receive my fruits and salad boxes in April(*^^*)

SG Organics contact information:
Head Quarters: +65 9832 9814
Address: 315 Outram Road #14-02 Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074

PS. I’m sharing my experience to let you guys know of their wonderful products and services. Please support their business but don’t abuse their friendly service! 🙂

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